Peering Database

The following is a list of all know peers and the information we have collected about them. You will need this information for example to contact the owner to setup a peering or to report problems. If you want to be listed on this database, please leave a message with all the required details.

When contacting a ILP Node operator, please have a look to the policy section first. We differentiate the policy in three different categories at this time:

Open : The operator is open to peer with anyone without specific restrictions (Code of Conduct does apply). You can setup a server session and send the peering information directly for them to use.

Selective : The operator is selective in who he wants to peer with. Next to the Code of Conduct additional rules might be enforced on this peering. You must negotiate the sessions rules, roles and such first before configuration.

Closed : The operate does not want to peer with others on his node. It will be senseless to contact them for setting up a peering session.

ILP Connectors list

Note: Due to security issues found in ILP MLaB have closed down our public connectors and will not provide any new connections until these have been resolved. We will return with new nodes once we feel confident that are funds are safe.

ILP Node XRP Address Gitter Contact Policy Peered With rf2frS27UZKz7PqCMqMMisGrgCxVrhL9L1 @WilcoC_gitlab Closed rhAG7gdd2CKAeaEQCwz5pkN9o1KK6CPNGn @WilcoC_gitlab Closed rGwijy3SbxwDNb2yAhtP9ThonpG9o47ZY6 @WilcoC_gitlab Closed
g.n3tc4t rp9vZgDnwSmmbBLGpYfmYnjfiRWKerVjRv @N3TC4T Open
g.hopebailie rMZFFDhM1wjCM9PzT34WnwX6EXMpyf356L @adrianhopebailie Selective
g.scylla rK6g2UYc4GpQH8DYdPG7wywyQbxkJpQTTN @sharafian Selective
g.polarbear rNn78XpaTXpgLPGNcLwAmrcS8FifRWMWB6 @traviscrist Selective rJnQrhRTXutuSwtrwxYiTkHn4Dtp8sF2LM @justmoon Selective
g.feraltc ra4LmsN47dbSXfHn5d8LBgxXM5QN4CaqAX @njlie Open
g.iofv rpY7MX5Tosbi8wsPavZSd4mCSyGzuzNGQS @IofV__twitter Open
g.solstice ra5ER42K37opCxDq1Tre3Pd4oRVbncosoL @Reverend_Ripple_twitter Open rJNa71cLCjzQG68oNjh4fCUqCZSGNkWDrM @adrianhopebailie Selective
g.lei rUDvc8DHPXn9BqPks8jKbJPVwm218irkHW [email protected] Open
g.phobos r9h2JXdUkZ6f2zxBgpRh32E2ByYcLmMPHo @Reverend_Ripple_twitter Open
g.charybdis rKYj4FUFHYJq65kriVcWn6jHFyT3UfBTDf @magicbox2004 Open
g.evan @emschwartz Selective
g.valuework @d8iamr_twitter Open
g.mofu @d1no007 Open
g.siren @sharafian Closed
g.solara @Reverend_Ripple_twitter Closed