Administrators running an ILP node do not get any fees for doing so. They actually have to pay for transaction fees and have their funds locked for a long period of time, so others might be able to use their node for their own service. Running a node also takes time.

Consider donating to the XRP address of the ILP node you are using and not only do you support the administrator, the community; as more endpoints are able to connect if there is more XRP balance in the account, but also yourself as the node has additional funds preventing it from locking up and stalling all transactions. You can see the XRP address of the ILP node using the command moneyd xrp:info, the listed destination is the XRP address of the ILP node.

If you are interesting in donating to MLaB (who maintains the ILP-IX website as well as three ILP Connectors) our XRP wallet address is rnCBePARuuJX22M2DtbWvsvMrWiFf8VoKA. All funds received will be added onto ILP Connectors supporting the community.

In the future, when other coins are able to be ‘switched out’, the ILP administrator might get a fee for the transfer of funds from one coin to the other, if any at all.