Code of Conduct

We all need to place nice, however some guidelines will prevent disappointments, so here goes:

  • Getting a peering is a privilege and not a right. The ILP Connector operator has the right to refuse to peer with you, or set demands and requirements. If you can’t peer with something, just say thanks and search for another peer.
  • Make sure you create a good configuration and leave it running. If there is a problem or change, contact your peer before changing stuff, as it might impact them. If you start breaking payment channels, your peer has to do work to fix it as well.
  • Make sure you always have enough (unlocked) balance, even when running a private ILP Connector you might cause problems when you are stalling clients or peers.
  • Always make sure you have two or three peers for redundancy. Any of your peers might do maintenance or is facing issues and you might loose one or two peers.
  • If you apply route filters, inform the peers upstream and downstream so they know they get a filtered peering.
  • Do not clear a payment channel without discussing it when your peer, as it will create problems on the remote side too. You must coordinate it. Also don’t play around with them, as it costs time and transaction fees for your peer to reset them.