Getting up and running with your ILP node

Installing Connector

Installing and running an ILP connector is not very difficult, especially if you have some basic knowledge about Linux. The installation takes about 1 hour. All you need is a server or virtual machine preferable with an own external IP address. You can even run the node on your favorite cloud provider such as AWS, …

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Securing Connector

Just installing a ILP connector is not enough, if you want to go pro we need some proper security too! As we are running a payment service, the PCI-DSS guidelines are a good fit here. Although getting the server PCI-DSS compliant might be a boring task, but wouldn’t you like to keep your funds safe? …

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Setting up peering

Note: Due to security issues found in ILP we have closed down our public connectors and will not provide any new connections until these have been resolved. We will return with new nodes once we feel confident that are funds are safe. Setting up peering is an important step, as you will need connectivity for …

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Administrators running an ILP node do not get any fees for doing so. They actually have to pay for transaction fees and have their funds locked for a long period of time, so others might be able to use their node for their own service. Running a node also takes time. Consider donating to the …

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